Culture is a basic need


A dream, what does it depict in a human’s life. For thousands of years, the notion of dreaming has been twisted and turned from the Joseph stories in the bible to the interpretation of our sacred divinities. From childhood, we were so liberal that we dreamt with our eyes wide open. children enjoy watching cartoons because it is a source of inspiration for their creative imagination. We used our imagination as some sort of comfort to the feelings we did not understand. Becoming an adult, our imagination starts to dwindle,  because of so many problems that we face continually. We dream less because our brain’s functionality suffocates with what was and what is to be. We entangle our brains at this stage; the few dreams he had left and the few dreams I still imagined; locking them together to form a collective dream. That to revive the truth in a nation that is in dire need to reinvent her dreams. In the process of reinventing ourselves, we became activists for humankind with tools-- our voices, and our camera. In the process of looking for answers to life’s predicaments we stumbled on PITT, John Pitt, and with the speed of light, our collective team gained a member, who has been dreaming, setting the grounds with 15 tons of soil, digging and planting, and together with the birds, bees, and butterflies they invoked an enchantment. Patiently, they nourished each other awaiting the spell that will bring us to them. 15 years after, destiny did its job of togetherness. Love at first sight, it was, laughter convinced us we were meant to be, and, like a dream come true, our son baptised the fruit of our imagination - “The Forest” which became the Forest Creative Loft. 

The journey was too epic to do it by ourselves, we needed enlightenment, light to guide our paths in the Forest and so we look up to our mentors Bonaventure Soh Ndikung founder and artistic director of Savvy Contemporary, and Michel Feugain researcher and lecturer at the University of Lille. One by one we invoked our curators; Aude Christel Mgba for her smartness and earnestness, Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh generously thrust on us for his mind and practice, and Viviane Maghela for her reactivity and promptitude. The mission is perspicuous: conjuring enchantments together in the Forest with the young and old, the artists, politicians, economists, historians, activists; all in a bid to “Reinvent Our Dreams”. A dream formulated to break the spell, shove away the nimbus cloud, to let in light. 

                                                                                                                                       Chantal Edie

The Forest Creative Loft

A better place for boosting your creativity


Pendant deux ans, toutes nos programmations et activités tourneront autour d'un thème principal: Réinventer nos rêves. 

The Forest Creative Learning

Notre bibliothèque est née de notre volonté de réduire la problématique de l'accès aux sources littéraires pour les artistes, les étudiants, les chercheurs, les passionnés de lecture et 
les couches les plus défavorisées de notre société.

Conviviality space

C'est l'espace de partage et d'échange par excellence. C'est aussi le lieu où vous pouvez vous procurer un thé,  un café ou un sandwich tout en participant  au financement de nos activités culturelles et artistiques.

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En tant que membre de THE FOREST CLUB, vous participez à raviver la flamme de cette idée lumineuse ainsi qu'à l'opérationalisation de notre programmation indépendante.
Nous sommes une organisation culturelle à but non lucratif qui anime des discours artistiques, politiques, esthétiques et sociaux d'extrême urgence de manière continue et avec des finances insuffisants. La mise en place d'un espace comme le nôtre dans un environnement hostile à la libre pensée et à l'education des masses est un pari risqué. En plus d'être fondé sur le principe de la générosité, notre projet a développé une communauté forte basée sur le partage et le soutien mutuel.