Programme et Activités

Programs and Activities 

Green Days

We would like to engage in a conversation around soil, plants, ecology, care in relation to nature, exploring the healing power of the plants that surround us. Green days will be a monthly series of workshops where people are encouraged to dig the soil and plant a tree, flower, crop they remember from their past thereby transmitting local ecological knowledge.

Residency Program

On the basis of open call, invitations, recommendations artists, writers, cultural practitioners and activists from the continent and  African diaspora around the globe will be hosted for a period of residency of at least 3 month to engage with the theme Reinventing Our Dreams by proposing a project to be developed locally together with a public program. Young artists in residency will also benefit from advices of our curators

Absorption with ...

Absorption is getting into deep thoughts, liberating conversations considered taboo in front of an audience. It will come in two forms; one as an exchange and the other as a one-man show of voicing critical thoughts, conceptions, and preoccupations. Absorption will be about disbanding distractions and focusing on what will propel solutions for growth and wellness.

Artist Talk

En observant l'environnement et le milieu de la création contemporaine au Cameroun, il en ressort clairement qu’il n’existe pas de plateforme connue d'échange et de partage d'expérience entre les artistes. Chacun crée son petit monde avec ses échecs, ses réussites et même ses frustrations. Plusieurs carrières stagnent, beaucoup d’idées dorment dans les tiroirs et la vie artistique somnole.

Partant  de la citation du  proverbe Africain qui dit : “ Tout seul on va plus vite, ensemble, on va plus loin.”,

l’idée serait d’organiser une fois par mois un échange entre les artistes, écrivains, curateurs, en somme les différents acteurs de la scène artistique sur différents sujets.

Après chaque trimestre, l'échange aura pour titre: Retour d'expérience avec…

Un artiste sortant d’une exposition, d’un festival ou d’une résidence viendra partager son expérience avec les autres. 

Carte blanche to the neighbor

We think of our institution as a space of commonality where people will come and work more together. We would like to be open to collaboration with neighboring institutions on the thematic. This will be an opportunity to give them the space to interact and strengthen discourses.

The Forest Burn Fire Night

As a function, the Burn Fire Night will enable us in the drive to reinvent our dreams, that of a nation that has lost knowledge of its foundation, its bearings. If we were to question the intellectual and the commoner about the values that make up our nation; we may receive quietness in response. The direction of where nations, specifically African countries will take to effectuate a redirection to posterity will depend on the type of conversations that Africans and notably Cameroonians engage in; be it in Parliament; schools, or art spaces. Because it may seem that academicians, pan-Africanists, thought leaders, artists and entrepreneurs may have tried it all in an effort to create change in societies that refutes change. We are considerably aware that there is nothing new under the sun but that notwithstanding, every generation should take that which is good in what their ancestors prone for, using it as a footstool to get up the shelves. The importance of reminiscing the past to project the future and fix the present is the reason we are gathering in space and time different actors from the socio-political and economic sphere; juxtaposing Businessmen; artists; writers, storytellers, farmers, adventurers, students; academicians in an all-night performance around a burning fire. We took on the opportunity presented by the french institute last January during their annual Night of ideas to organize our very first Burn fire night which sets the trend for the rest to follow. The Burn Fire Night is meant to be a bi-annual event organized at The Forest/Creative loft. The Programmation will center  around talks, conversations, performances, music, installations, projections, exhibitions, and the organoleptic of food. We are going to use storytelling told around a fire just like our ancestors did to engage with the different communities that will be brought together in this space and time. It will be a moment of experimental sharing and learning, of participatory engagement between the actors and the public; where both can and should be aligned to learn from, one another especially given the fact that no one holds the key to knowledge.

Experience the
Bonfire Night!

The Forest Creative Loft vous convie à l’inauguration de son programme "Bonfire Night", une soirée de réflexion bi-annuelle autour du feu. Pour cette première édition, nous accueillons "La nuit des idées" de l’Institut Français du Cameroun autour du thème Afro(Topia): Pour quel lendemain?/ Afro(Topia): Pour quel lendemain?/ est une nuit de (re)création de nouveaux imaginaires, de futurs possibles pour le continent africain.

The Forest Club

Pourquoi nous faire confiance ? Dans notre entreprise, chacun se donne toujours à 100 % dans son travail. Chaque collaborateur possède ses propres qualités et compétences, mais nous partageons tous les mêmes valeurs clés.